KAPA RNA-Seq Kit + RiboErase Globin



The KAPA Stranded RNA-Seq Kit with RiboErase (HumanMouseRat) Globin is designed for both manual and automated NGS library construction from 100 ng – 1 μg of blood-derived, purified total RNA. The kit depletes cytoplasmic (5S, 5.8S, 18S, and 28S), mitochondrial (12S and 16S) rRNA species as well as globin mRNA species (Haemoglobin alpha 1, Haemoglobin alpha 2, Haemoglobin beta and Haemoglobin gamma). The protocol is applicable to a wide range of RNA-Seq applications, like Whole transcriptome sequencing and gene expression analysis of high- and low-quality blood-derived, purified total RNA samples for detection of gene fusions, isoforms, and other structural variants; or novel transcript identification; or characterization of non-polyadenylated RNAs, including non-coding and immature RNAs