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September 11 | Webinar: Comprehensive Novel Variant Discovery in Hereditary Cardiology and Neurology Research using Next-Generation Sequencing

Join this webinar to learn about how next-generation sequencing and Roche’s SeqCap EZ Cardiology and Neurology Panels enable researchers to discover novel variants in genes that are most commonly associated with hereditary cardiac and nervous system disorders, respectively. Using guidance from peer-reviewed publications and Roche Sequencing Solutions’ scientific expertise, a suite of three SeqCap EZ Cardiology Panels and a suite of six SeqCap EZ Neurology Panels were developed. These panels were subsequently optimized for use with the HyperCap Workflow, which integrates KAPA library preparation and SeqCap EZ target enrichment products in a single streamlined workflow.

Some of the features of the panel include expert-driven gene content, sufficient breadth for variant discovery in various cardiological and neurological research applications, increased sequencing efficiency, improved uniformity to enable more even target coverage, and a complete sample prep solution.

Date: Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Time: 16:00 Amsterdam time

  • Speaker: Todd Richmond, PhD
    Director of Research Informatics, Roche
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