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From extraction to sequencing: unlock the potential of every sample.

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NGS: Enter a new world of productivity

DNA sequencing has become a widespread tool to detect genetic variations in medical samples. But even the most advanced sequencers will only provide reliable results when the template nucleic is of suitable quality and purity. Sample purification is therefore a critical step for obtaining accurate NGS data. So, how much do you know about the sample prep workflow? Start the quiz to assess your knowledge.

Nucleic acid extraction: an important factor in NGS sample prep

The benefits of optimised DNA eluates

Many nucleic extraction methods employ elution temperatures and/or buffers incompatible with library construction enzymes. The MagNA Pure 24 offers a range of NGS fitted protocols with boosted double-stranded DNA extraction, and chemical compatibility with library prep. This leads to higher efficiency and library conversion rates. Learn more in this technical note.

NGS: every step counts

NGS leverages new variant detection and discovery, and extraction is the first step of the NGS workflow. But whether it’s sample collection, DNA extraction, or library creation: an efficient sample preparation workflow is critical to preserving sample integrity. Visit this page to learn more about the steps of the NGS workflow, and how you can optimise them.

Start here. Go anywhere.

Building on over 20 years of MagNA Pure legacy, Roche recently launched the MagNA Pure 24 System. This fully-automated clinical nucleic acid purification system comes with a range of NGS fitted extraction protocols. It brings walk-away automation, minimal user intervention, and prevents extraction-to-extraction variability. Learn more about our products for nucleic acid extraction here.

Unlock the possibilities with the MagNA Pure 24 System

The MagNA Pure 24 System delivers more flexibility, reliable efficiency, and increased traceability. In just over an hour, it automates the extraction of 1 to 24 samples with primary sample handling, using a single universal reagent kit covering 10 human sample types. Watch this video to learn more about the possibilities.

Let’s talk about your NGS workflow

Following extraction, DNA fragments are prepared for sequencing through library preparation and target enrichment. Roche now offers a one-vendor workflow for this procedure. Would you like to discuss which options would yield the best sample prep results for your purposes? Make an appointment to get a personal consultation.

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Would you like to assess your knowledge of NGS?

From extraction to sequencing: unlock the potential of every sample.

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