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AVENIO Millisect System v2.0 Product Launch

We are pleased to announce the launch of the AVENIO Millisect System v2.0.

Shortly after the initial launch of this product in 2017, several software issues were identified and the product was subsequently placed on hold. Through rigorous
redevelopment and verification, these issues have now been addressed.

The AVENIO Millisect System provides a strategic link between our tissue staining, digital pathology, PCR and sequencing businesses.
It optimizes:
– tumor yield,
– maximizes actionable information and
– improves lab workflow,
potentially reducing false negative cases and case rejection rates.

With the system back on the market, we can meet the needs of our customers by capturing challenging tumor samples with a simple yet precise automated FFPE tissue dissection system,
enabling them to reliably and efficiently isolate clinically relevant cells from FFPE slides while lowering the risk for contamination.

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