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Question 1

Do you know which renown Norwegian technology forms the basis of the Roche’s MagNA Pure nucleic extraction?

MagNA Pure uses ‘old style’ columns
MagNA Pure uses the fabulous magnetic beads technology
MagNA Pure uses the classic phenol: chloroform
Question 2

When performing DNA extraction for library preparation, what do you expect the eluate’s quality to be?

DNA of high purity, integrity, and linearity
An excess of double stranded DNA with minimised GC bias
DNA extraction is DNA extraction! It’s not really important
Question 3

Why is quality control (QC) important for a successful NGS sample prep?

It ensures an equal representation of indexed libraries
It indicates if a sample is of satisfactory quantity and quality
A combination of a and b is correct
Question 4

A dream library preparation should offer the following:

No GC bias and high conversion rate from 1ng DNA
A PCR-free workflow with as little as 50ng DNA
I’d like to see all of the above
Question 5

What do you need to obtain successful exome sequencing?

Sample uniformity and enhanced exon coverage of medically relevant genes
A good capillary sequencer is all that’s needed
The option to add my genes to the catalogue exome

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