KAPA Universal UMI Adapter

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KAPA Universal UMI Adapter prevents single errors in the UMI sequence to result in false counting of spurious molecules.

KAPA Universal UMI Adapter

Our KAPA Universal Adapter is a truncated adapter used during ligation-based library construction for sequencing on Illumina® instruments.
A pair of unique, 8-nucleotide sequencing indices (barcodes) are added by PCR for use in single sample or multiplexed sequencing applications.

It prevents single errors in the UMI sequence resulting in false counting of spurious molecules. It also shows improved performance in molecule counting, showing higher duplex recovery and lower error rate than Supplier I’s UMI adapter.


KAPA UMI Adapter Benefits

  • Compatible with 2- and 4-channel Illumina® instruments, as well as patterned and non-patterned flow cells.
  • Easy to incorporate in new and existing Illumina sequencing workflows.
  • Functionally tested to confirm high library construction efficiency and minimal levels of adapter-dimer formation.
  • Sequencing-based QC testing reduces the potential contribution of barcode cross-contamination to index misassignment.


KAPA Adapter Selection Guide

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