Introducing the KAPA HyperPETE Workflow


The latest addition to the KAPA portfolio is now available. KAPA HyperPETE Workflow, enhancing your target enrichment workflow, specifically designed for panels 250KB and under.

The most frequently used enrichment methods for next-generation sequencing (NGS) are hybridization or capture-based target enrichment and amplicon-based target enrichment. While the capture-based method uses specific probes for enrichment, amplicon-based methods use the power of PCR to do the same.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both methods; choosing the right method may depend on the type of application where it is used. A new innovative method based on Primer Extension Target Enrichment (PETE) aims to combine the advantages of capture-based and amplicon-based target enrichment.

In our spirit of innovation, Roche continues to raise the bar for target enrichment workflows.

A new era of precision has arrived


Enjoy the same proven speed, accuracy and ease of use that KAPA and Roche provide with extended focus on germline and somatic oncology applications – including the ability to detect both known and unknown RNA fusion partners. This is thanks to the streamlined workflow of our latest innovation in small-panel target enrichment – KAPA HyperPETE Workflow.

Both KAPA HyperPETE Workflow and KAPA HyperCap Workflow products combine all reagents and accessories required for Target Enrichment into their respective automatable workflows that are poised for superior performance.

“I am very satisfied with the reagent kit and panels. As a regular user, it is a very intuitive protocol“

Representative from Incliva, Spain


“I was very satisfied with the workflow instructions for use. The instructions were easy to follow“

Representative from Ambry Genetics, UK

The accuracy and precision of the KAPA HyperPETE Workflow enhances performance throughout the sample journey, with:

  • Precise targeting of difficult genomic regions increases confidence in variant detection
  • Higher target coverage offers robust support for varying sample types and variants
  • A lower duplicate rate helps mitigate error and improve accuracy
HyperPETE Strong and reliable variant call performance

*The missed fusion was EGFR-SEPT14 due to sequence similarity of SEPT14 with another non-coding RNA transcript. RNA fusion caller randomly picked different transcripts with similar sequences for alignment.

Now, labs can do more with less thanks to this streamlined workflow which can free up resources for other valuable tasks in the lab.

Features and Benefits

  • Better by design, using Roche’s renowned content and panel design expertise.
  • High uniformity for better sequencing efficiency with less optimization.
  • Readily available for fast delivery.
  • Validated NAVIFY® Mutation Caller secondary analysis solution available.

To drive more efficient and accurate variant identification, KAPA HyperPETE panels are supported by an integrated secondary analysis solution, NAVIFY® Mutation Caller, which offers pipelines for somatic SNV, Indel and CNV calling, microsatellite instability scoring, both known and unkown RNA fusion detection, and germline SNV and Indel calling. Combining the precision of the KAPA HyperPETE Workflow for small panels and the validation capability of NAVIFY® Mutation Caller, you can be more confident in every result.

Future-proof your lab with regular software updates and algorithm maintenance from Roche, giving you the support you need to free up resources and create a sustainable operation. Use the comprehensive design tool HyperDesign to design your own custom panels and take advantage of the Roche’s expert designers help.

Read KAPA HyperPETE Application note here.

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Innovation in action

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Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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