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A complete high-performance sample prep solution for PCR-free whole -genome sequencing.

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In sequencing, every sample has its own intrinsic value – regardless of type, origin or quantity. While we’ve been able to unlock this value through different sequencing methods, the challenge still lies in doing so with minimum effort and maximum economy.

Recent years have seen significant advances in sequencing technology and bioinformatics. Sequencing processes can move more rapidly, while at the same time delivering more reliable results. This has led to a substantial reduction in the per-base cost for human whole-genome sequencing (WGS), making it more readily available than ever.


Robust library preparation protocols

However, routine human WGS requires streamlined and robust library preparation protocols. This places new demands on next-generation sequencing workflows and sample preparation – requiring them to be rapid, robust, and scalable, while working optimally to maximize the chances of discovery.

When establishing a streamlined protocol for target enrichment experiments, finding the exact right sample prep products can be difficult. Indeed, the protocol must be tailored to the sequencing parameters, and be able to generate high-quality sequence data across a wide range of genome sizes, complexities and genomic GC content.


The complete sample preparation solution

With these requirements in mind, Roche has developed HyperCap, a fully integrated sample preparation solution for the construction of high-quality, PCR-free libraries which offers flexibility, ease of use and a high throughput.1,2

It is the integration of KAPA’s streamlined Hyper Prepkit for library preparation with a further optimised SeqCap EZ target enrichment protocol. That means it now allows for better optimisation of the workflow for different applications and sample types, and at the same time it reduces a researcher’s time in the lab.

From library preparation and target enrichment to sequence-ready DNA, HyperCap leads to better performance, lower input DNA streamlined protocols and more affordable – yet still validated – workflow. Would you like more information about the HyperCap workflow and products? We’d love to tell to you more about this. Please fill in this form and we’ll get in touch.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostics procedures.

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