KAPA HyperPrep Kit

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The streamlined, one-tube KAPA Hyper Prep protocol offers fast Library Prep turnaround time, with minimal hands-on time.

KAPA HyperPrep Kit

KAPA HyperPrep Kits offer a streamlined library preparation protocol that combines several enzymatic steps and eliminates bead cleanups to significantly reduce library preparation time and improve consistency. The novel, single-tube chemistry offers further improvements to library construction efficiency, particularly for challenging samples such as FFPE and cell-free DNA. KAPA HyperPrep Kits offer a complete library preparation solution with KAPA Adapters and KAPA HyperPure Beads.

Features and Benefits of KAPA HyperPrep Kits

  • Robust and reproducible library construction in 2-3 hours with high conversion rates and library complexity, particularly for FFPE
  • PCR-free workflows from lower sample inputs and improved sequence coverage for workflows with PCR
  • Compatibility with a wide range of sample types and inputs, and flexibility with respect to fragment size, adapter design and library amplification
  • Qualified automation methods
  • Validated with the KAPA HyperCap and KAPA HyperPETE workflows

For the ultimate in plug-and-play in NGS automation, the KAPA HyperPrep workflow is also available on our walk-away automated platform, the AVENIO Edge System.

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