KAPA HyperPlus Kit

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The KAPA HyperPlus kit provides a streamlined workflow that includes fragmentation and library preparation in a single tube.

KAPA HyperPlus Kit

The KAPA HyperPlus kit provides a streamlined workflow that includes fragmentation and library preparation in a single tube. Building on industry-leading library construction efficiencies, this integrated solution combines enzymatic fragmentation, similar in quality to mechanical shearing, with the speed and convenience of tagmentation-based workflows.

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Features and Benefits of KAPA HyperPlus Kits

  • Fully automatable DNA library construction in 1.5-3 hours with low-bias enzymatic fragmentation
  • Industry-leading conversion rates and library complexity,* particularly for FFPE DNA
  • Now includes an additional End Repair and A-Tailing module for more sensitive applications with no change to the workflow
  • PCR-free workflows from lower inputs and improved sequence coverage in workflows with PCR
  • Compatibility with a wide range of sample types and inputs, and flexibility with respect to fragment size, adapter design, and library amplification.



KAPA HyperPlus Kits are ideally suited for low- and high-throughput NGS library construction workflows that require DNA fragmentation, end-repair, A-tailing, adapter ligation, and library amplification (optional). Kits are designed for library construction from a wide range of sample types and inputs (1 ng – 1 μg), and are compatible with complex, genomic DNA; low-complexity samples such as small viral genomes, plasmids, cDNA and long amplicons; and low-quality DNA such as FFPE samples.

The entire workflow is automation-friendly and may be incorporated into workflows for a wide range of NGS applications, including:

  • whole-genome, shotgun sequencing
  • whole-exome or targeted sequencing, using KAPA HyperCap Target Enrichment Kits, Agilent SureSelect, Illumina TruSeq, IDT xGen Lockdown Probes, or other hybridization capture systems
  • RNA-seq (starting with cDNA).


  • KAPA Frag Enzyme
  • KAPA Frag Buffer (10X)
  • Conditioning Solution
  • End Repair & A-Tailing Buffer
  • HyperPrep ERAT Enzyme Mix
  • HyperPlus ERAT Enzyme Mix**
  • Ligation Buffer
  • DNA Ligase
  • KAPA HiFi HotStart ReadyMix (2X)*
  • Library Amplification Primer Mix (10X)*

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The product references are:

KAPA HyperPlus Kit 8 rxn | 7962380001 – KK8510
KAPA HyperPlus Kit 24 rxn | 7962401001 – KK8512
KAPA HyperPlus Kit 96 rxn | 7962428001 – KK8514

*Data on file.