KAPA Universal Enhancing Oligos

Material Number: N/A

Blocking oligonucleotides for increased hybridization reaction efficiency in the target hybridization and capture step of the KAPA HyperCap workflow.

As part of the Roche Sequencing portfolio, the KAPA Universal Enhancing Oligos Kit contains universal blocking oligonucleotides for use in the hybridization step of the KAPA HyperCap workflow. These oligonucleotides hybridize with specific sites on the library DNA and thereby increase the efficiency of the target enrichment reaction.

This validated, KAPA HyperCap workflow is a streamlined, automation-friendly solution for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) that integrates KAPA’s high-efficiency DNA library preparation kits with the KAPA Target Enrichment Probes (Exome and Custom). It includes KAPA Universal Adapters, KAPA UDI Primer Mixes, KAPA Universal Enhancing Oligos and the KAPA HyperCapture Bead kit, to ensure the best performance when combined with KAPA Target Enrichment Probes.