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A novel, end-to-end target enrichment Workflow for high-performance somatic variant analysis

Cancers are genetically complex and heterogeneous. Whilst germline (inherited) variants play a major role in 5 – 10% of all cancers, it is the somatic (acquired) variants that drive disease progression and response
to therapeutic intervention.
Targeted next-generation sequencing (NGS) is an established tool for studying the genetic basis of cancer, offering the ability to survey large numbers of targets in parallel, at high sensitivity (variant allele frequencies of 5% or less).

NGS pipelines for the analysis of somatic variants require :

  • Efficient methods for the preparation of enriched libraries including cell-free/circulating tumor DNA (cf/ctDNA), formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue samples, and total RNA.
  • Relevant, optimized enrichment panels(content).
  • Advanced bioinformatic tools.


In this Application Note, we demonstrate the performance and versatility of the KAPA HyperPETE technology for somatic variant analysis, achieving true positive rates of 97.9 – 100% for all major variant classes, across >450 libraries prepared from cfDNA, FFPE DNA, FFPE RNA, and reference cell line DNA and RNA samples.

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