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We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Exome and Custom KAPA Target Enrichment portfolio for translational and clinical applications in sequencing.

KAPA HyperExome is a whole exome panel with significantly improved performance over the existing on-market SeqCap portfolio and other products on the market. In addition to the Target Enrichment portfolio, Roche is also launching the new HyperDesign tool that enables researchers to create custom target enrichment designs that utilize the new KAPA HyperChoice probes. The probes are paired with a streamlined, automatable workflow.

Every step of the next-generation sequencing sample prep process has the potential to impact results. The KAPA Target Enrichment portfolio provides a high level of performance and consistency that is needed to empower clinical researchers to process more samples successfully while optimizing sequencing efficiency. These new target enrichment products, along with the KAPA library prep portfolio, provide researchers with a streamlined and fully automatable sample preparation workflow which decreases hands-on and turnaround time.

The new KAPA Target Enrichment Portfolio includes:

  • KAPA HyperExome;
  • KAPA HyperChoice Probes for custom human probes with the HyperDesign Tool;
  • HyperExplore Probes for custom nonhuman, less well-known or complex custom designs pushed beyond normal boundaries;
  • KAPA HyperCap reagents for a fully-integrated workflow;