KAPA UDI Primer Mixes 1-96

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Uniquely Dual Indexed (UDI) primers as part of the KAPA library preparation workflow. Each UDI primer pair is uniquely barcoding a sample during the pre-capture library amplification step before next-generation sequencing (NGS).

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The KAPA Unique Dual-Indexed (UDI) Primer Mix is used in conjunction with KAPA Universal Adapters to generate uniquely labeled libraries from individual biological DNA samples for next generation sequencing (NGS). Sample indexing during library amplification allows for pooling of libraries prior to target capture or cluster generation, and enables multiplexed sequencing. Each KAPA UDI Primer Mix is a pre-mixed combination of forward and reverse primers. The primers contain a non-redundant (unique), 8-nucleotide index designed to mitigate index misalignment (“index hopping”) on Illumina sequencers that employ patterned flow cells and exclusion amplification chemistry.