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NGS Integrated Workflows

Sample preparation workflows for NGS can be long and tedious, especially when targeted sequencing is needed. First, a sequencing-ready DNA library is prepared through a multi-step process. Each step requires specific types of reagents and accessories. Necessary quality control needs to be performed in between the steps, which also requires compatible reagents. In addition, depending on the end goal, target enrichment may also need to be performed for certain applications. This adds several more reagents and steps that need to be optimized. As each step of the workflow is critical for obtaining reliable sequencing results, it is crucial to have a seamless workflow process.

Typically, reagents for each step in the workflow are procured from various sources and researchers then need to optimize them together in their lab. This can cause variations in sequencing efficiency, which can impact analysis and results. When purchasing reagents from multiple vendors, it can also be hard to determine where any issue may lie, if results are not as anticipated. Roche simplifies this process by providing integrated solutions with high-quality library preparation and high-performing target enrichment products, optimized together into integrated, validated workflows.

KAPA HyperCap Workflow and KAPA HyperPETE Workflow are integrated approaches to sample preparation, for applications such as whole-exome sequencing, hereditary genetics, and oncology or somatic oncology research applications, encompassing all the steps required to convert a sample to a sequencing-ready library. Roche’s integrated workflows are highly beneficial for your research and for your precious NGS samples.

Rely on Roche’s Sample Prep Solutions that are provensimple and complete.

KAPA Integrated Workflows

The KAPA HyperPETE Workflow Primer Extension Target Enrichment (PETE) combines validated products for both KAPA Library Preparation and KAPA Target Enrichment, and all accessories and reagents needed for sample preparation, in a single-day workflow. It provides all accessories and reagents needed for sample preparation in a single-day workflow.

HyperPETE Workflow

Learn more about our streamlined and automation-friendly workflow solution. It integrates KAPA Library Preparation Kits containing high-quality enzymes and reagents, and KAPA HyperPlex Adapters with performance-optimized KAPA Target Enrichment Probes, Roche Universal Enhancing Oligos and our KAPA HyperPure Beads.

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