KAPA Unique Dual-Indexed Adapter Kit (15 μM) (virtual kit)

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KAPA Unique Dual-Indexed Adapters are full-length adapters used during ligation-based library

construction for sequencing on Illumina®instruments.

KAPA UDI Adapter Kit (15 μM) (virtual kit)

The KAPA UDI (or Unique Dual-Indexed Adapter) Kit is part of the adaptable, reliable, and focused portfolio of Roche Sample Prep Solutions that offer high-performance, high-quality library preparation reagents that enable you to process more samples successfully. The aim is to obtain more information from every sample and optimize your sequencing resources.
KAPA UDI Kits adapt to different designs to meet the needs of a wide range of multiplexed DNA and RNA sequencing applications.

KAPA UDI Kit contains standard Illumina adapter backbones and is readily incorporated into sequencing workflows for Illumina sequencers. KAPA UDI Adapters employ 192 non-redundant barcodes for the 96 unique dual-index combinations, whereas KAPA DI Adapters offer a combinatorial approach (twelve i7 x eight i5 barcodes = 96 dual index combinations).


KAPA Adapter Selection Guide

Product highlights

  • Improve confidence in results. Unique dual-index combinations in KAPA UDI Adapters mitigate the impact of index hopping on patterned flow cells by reducing misassigned reads.
  • Achieve high conversion efficiency. KAPA UDI Adapters enable consistent, efficient library preparation for all 96 index combinations.
  • Obtain consistent library yields from DNA and RNA samples. KAPA DI and UDI Adapters are compatible with RNA and DNA workflows.
  • Rest assured that KAPA Adapters are quality-tested. All KAPA Adapters undergo rigorous, sequencing-based QC testing for barcode cross-contamination.


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